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Pakistan v/s India

Pakistan’s neighboring country India sent its space mission ‘Chandrayan 2’ for the second time on the moon. The probable landing on the moon last week was 9 pm. In a country with more than a billion people, the eyes and the curiosity of every man was on this mission, and why not? India was finally on the list of a few countries that have successfully flagged their country on the moon.

When no ray of hope could be seen, the head of the ISRO said, removing the uncertainty of the nation, that the satellite of the Chandrayan mission lost the signal just two kilometers away from the moon, causing it to lose contact with the center. They had said this and with it the hopes of billions of people have been stretched. But where the hopes of so many people have come to fruition, the celebration has begun as it has in the neighboring country of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Let us make fun of!

Well! The Pakistani people are right to make fun of India’s failed Chandrayan mission. Leading was the Federal Minister of Pakistan is Science and Technology Fawad chaudhary. And to those who are talking about competition in space field with India, let me tell you that the competition is only fair when both the opponents are of same level.

The truth is that Pakistan has no competition with India. India has twice tried to send its mission to the moon, but it seems that our space agency SUPARCO (Pakistan Space and Upper Aerial Research Mission) has yet to send a Pakistani mission to the moon. And not too old when Pakistan’s ruling party PTI gave a 114-day stay in Islamabad while staying in the opposition, during which our neighbor country India successfully launched its space mission ‘Mangalyan‘ to the planet Mars.

Even with the failed experience of the last days with Chandrayan, India has since joined itself with the United States, China, and Russia in the race of space. Because the total cost of Chandrayaan on the moon sent by India was only 900 Crores, which in other sense is less than the budget of the Hollywood movie “Interstellar“. India has also shocked the world, including NASA, in a failed attempt at a South Pole.

When talk about the total space comparison between Pakistan and India, the difference is clear. The chairman of the Indian Space Agency, ISRO, is named “Dr Kailasavadivoo Sivan“, who has a PhD and 35 years of experience in aerospace engineering. On the contrary, Pakistan’s spacecraft, SUPARCO, which was founded by Pakistan’s only Scientific Nobel Laureate, Dr. Abdul Salam, have its current chairman, “Major General Amir Nadeem“. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Now the question that arises is whether the performance of SUPARCO, a space organization with 6,477 million in the annual budget in the form of public tax money, is not satisfactory? And if not, why are we wasting millions of rupees like water on the people of this poor country!

Now leave the scientific field and come to comparison with India in the field of general public facilities. It would not be wrong to say that if Pakistan is reviewing the whole series, Pakistan needs to launch its mission from the ground up instead of sending missions to the moon.

India certainly sent missions to the moon, but before that it crossed all public facilities missions on Earth. It can be inferred that the railway metro has been set up in ten major cities including Delhi, Bombay and Kolkata in the public sector, benefiting millions of people every day. While no city in Pakistan enjoys this facility (Lahore’s Orange Line Railway Metro project is also incomplete and delayed due to insensitivity of Punjab government).

And when the talk of public transport has begun, not only the railway metro but also the modern urban transit buses are being running in eighteen cities in India. While the misfortune of Pakistan is that the Metro Bus project is working in five cities of Punjab, but its main hub, the financial hub of Karachi, is lacking in any kind of public transport.

Now let’s talk about comparing the universities of India and Pakistan with regard to the education system. So in the field of education, it is also the case that India has its university ranked in highest number of 150 universities in the world, while the University from Pakistan ranks among in the top 400 universities.

In the technology battleground, India, being called the technology hub, is showing expertise in the IT sector in a country with a population of more than a billion, including modern e-money transfer systems like PayPal, the world’s largest Amazon store, and mobile payment systems. The native mobile app is powered by “Paytm“, etc.

And when it comes to our country, Pakistan, the second largest freelancer in the world, is not even equipped with facilities like PayPal, Money System and Amazon.

So instead we dream of reaching the moon ourselves in an attempt to send a mission to the moon of India with a trillion dollar economy, more importantly to fight India while on Earth. Because otherwise India has just shocked the world by sending its failed missions to the moon, but in the upcoming years it willbe in the few countries in the world that operate on the speed of aircraft, inaugurated the “Hyper Loop” train and filled us with this.

Now all we have remain is a slogan in which we are number one, but according to the Foreign Minister, war is not an option!


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