Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan and the Pakistani’s! These three major words comprise in itself a huge tale of intrigues, mysteries, history, controversies, and more than that, a bubble of truth and lies.

I am damn sure that every one of you knows who Osama Bin Laden was, and everyone has their perception about him. Osama Bin Laden, unlike any other place in the World, has got special connection with Pakistan. This is not limited to the country’s National and International affairs but even attached to the sentiments of the public at the grass-root level.

The Notorius Osama Bin Laden!

Born in the wealthy Bin Laden family and an ethnic Yemeni Kindite, Osama Bin Laden studied from King Abdul Aziz University. It was then when he decided to quit his varsity education and joined the mujaheddin forces in Pakistan that were fighting against the soviet union in Afghanistan.

It was then when OBL entered his foot on the soil of Pakistan for the first time. Later on, he formed his own group consisting of mujahideens’ of that time called “Al-Qaida”. Since then, the name of Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden started spreading in the World.

And within the span of the next few years, the student of King Abdul Aziz University became the most wanted person of the world after claiming the deadliest attack at World Trade Center on 11th September 2001.

World trade center attack
The deadliest attack on the twin buildings of World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, claimed to be held by OBL led Al-Qaida

Osama Bin Laden and Pakistan!

From an undergrad student to the facilitator of the mujahideen groups in Pakistan. The founder of Al-Qaida to being ended up getting caught in Pakistan and killed. OBL may be recognized as the greatest terrorist ever in other countries, but especially here in Pakistan, the opinion seems to be massively divided.

When it comes to the perception about Osama Bin Laden, we [the Pakistani’s] found perplexed and a victim of mass confusion. Here are some different myths, Pakistani people hold in their minds about OBL :

The Dead Man OBL

Those who have lived through the 90’s, they’ve been aware of the fabricated stories about OBL’s death. It is due to this, a large number of people in Pakistan still believes that OBL is still alive when even the authorities of Pak and USA have confirmed his death.

Sheikh Osama Bin Laden

The word Sheikh in Pakistan is usually used for someone who is noble and piety. There is no doubt about the fact that many of Pakistani’s remember OBL as Sheikh of the Muslim World generally calls as Sheikh Osama Bin Laden even after his departure from this world.

It is because, they found the services of OBL, notably fighting against the Americans and the making of Al-Qaeda immense for the World.

A Hero? Or a terrorist?

What could be the bigger example of unpolarized society than Pakistan, where the people still can’t manage to decide that either Osama was a terrorist or a hero?

Mostly, the people that belong to a certain religious background usually termed OBL as a hero. On the contrary, people belonging from the other walks of life declare OBL as a terrorist and a liability to Pakistan.

No matter what, its a dilemma for Pakistan and the Pakistani’s so that they couldn’t reach a consensus on the national level.

Hypocrite State

Let’s jump to May 2011, when Osama was captured by American Forces down on the Pakistani soil. A sign of shame, and disaster for Pakistan, or could be for any other country. As the entrance of American Helicopters in the soil of any country raises major questions on the country’s sovereignty. Unfortunately, it was Pakistan now.

The Pakistani state adopted the narrative that had nothing to do with the action of America. Neither the Pakistani state knew anything about the Osama’s hideout in Pakistan. Even DG-ISI of that time informed the National Assembly through his speech in the house, that Pakistan never knew of Osama’s presence in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Pakistani forces managed to arrest Dr. Shakil Afridi who spied for America — helping in finding out the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. For this, he is now facing strict punishment for his actions; in order to let down Pakistan and for being a spy for another country.

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Hell! There is something more surprising!

In a recent visit to US, PM Khan while giving the interview to the FOX Channel of America, claimed that the Pakistani agencies knew about Osama, and helped America in getting Osama Bin Laden. For real???

If yes, then I’m failed to understand then why the hell Shakil Afridi arrested for? If he had arrested on the charges for spying to get Osama Bin Laden to America; then what did he did differently from the Pakistani state? Wouldn’t both motivated to arrest Osama Bin Laden?

If Pakistani forces so, didn’t they compromise over the sovereignty of Pakistan? Why is Shakil Afridi still arrested and others are no-answerable. Pretty sure it is not the case of bloody civilians v/s the noble ones.

What is Osama Bin Laden near you? Well, it’s totally up to you. The fact of the matter is, the personality of Osama is still the most confusing one in Pakistan to this date. He’s not the first one, and probably not the last one, we [the Pakistani’s] holds a huge history of confusing narrative, be it the debacle of 1971, the imposing of Marshall Law, or else; our short term memory never enables us to see the thing from bird-eye perspective.



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