Imagine a group of people shouting at your doorstep, streets and your media screens claiming that they got the ultimate solution for every problem, and are the best group of people to deploy it.

Well, leave that!

Why not talk about the oppressed Karachi? And in case you are wondering why I’ve termed Karachi as oppressed, let me prove my word.

There may be any other unfortunate city as Karachi, because any other country whose financial hub had witnessed the killings of 22 people from electric current due to rainfall had gone into deep depression and crisis.

But in Karachi, who cares? If the thousand people died from heat stroke or a numerous from electric current during the rainfall… this city gets nothing more than few headlines.

And now when the damage has been done. The Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Mr. Ali Zaidi [who ran for the mayor in the recent local bodies elections in Karachi] has now accidentally jumps in; claims to make Karachi clean in the next 14 days.

Furthermore, When Ali Zaidi was asked about why the PTI Karachi failed to step up despite having 14 MNA’s from Karachi during the recent fall, he got nothing new to say in contrary to the different stakeholders of this city; that all the development power of this lies in the rank of Sindh Government.

Only God knows better, if there is any greater power than having the Federal Government which is enjoyed by PTI at large — the same party from where the 14 MNA’s of Karachi including Ali Zaidi belongs.

Karachi Cleanliness Drive

Now, when Ali Zaidi has just announced to make Karachi super-clean in the next 14 days, I am pretty sure that no sane person can be seeing it as an ultimate solution for Karachi. As this campaign also lasts as no more than a political stunt, carried out by so many others in the past.

To Mr. Ali Zaidi, who’s now presenting himself as the savior of Karachi, here’s my few questions about your politically motivate cleanliness drive.

  • If the PTI Karachi do not have the development power for this city as claimed by you previously, then why the hell you were scolding in your election campaign and seeking for the votes? You left no stone unturned to take a jibe at the MQM for their powerlessness; and now your are tasting your own medicine.


  • Does the 2-week cleanliness drive is an ultimate solution of this city? When this city have no proper garbage disposal system? What will be the fate of this city in terms of Garbage disposal after the 2 weeks successful cleanliness campaign? What will Ali Zaidi be achieved after 2 weeks of successfull cleanliness campaign, when the city meets the same fate as it is today, because there is no existence of garbage disposal?


  • Let’s not put all the buff on the people for not being responsible? For an example, let’s believe, if the people starts putting all their litter in the dustbins and garbage containers. Still this garbage ends up going into the sea or burning at the corner of our street or beneath any flyover/bridge. Except Karachi, all the other cities of Pakistan (Faisal Mosque pictured below) filled up with the litter and garbage every day and every minute, yet their garbage disposal is so pro active, that all the litter picked up within a day.




  • Also, the savior Ali Zaidi announced the Cleanliness fund following the foot prints of the mighty Dam Fund. I wish, he could more elaborate, that if to pick the garbage of this city requires the funding from its citizens, why the hell the people of this city are still paying a large share of taxes? Karachi has already given a share of around 6000 Arab to federal and provincial govt on the name of various taxes… wouldn’t that be enough?

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Fact of the matter is, this cleanliness drive of Ali Zaidi is no more than a joke. Karachi requires serious political attention and permanent solution. Not so gimmicks in the name of weekly campaigns and else.

And as far as the issue of “Ikhtiyarat” [control] is concerned, what is the difference between MQM and PTI; when even PTI still failed to claim authority over anything despite having the federal govt? What about those promises that our current President Arif Alvi made through out the whole election campaign?

The truth is, PTI isn’t interested in making Karachi a separate province which directly means they’re not interested in solving the issues of Karachi. Because there is no other permanent solution for Karachi than being turned into a separate administrative unit or having the provincial govt from Karachi which seems impossible for the next decade.


Anything other than the separate administrative unit for Karachi is a gimmick!


And who knows, that Ali Zaidi might run in the race for the Mayor Of Karachi in the upcoming local bodies elections on the platform being set up by Khalai Makhlooq!

To PTI Karachi, when pulling out a political stunt next time, please do not be fool, or either don’t try us to be. The people of Karachi didn’t voted you for this!

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