Karachi is now a peaceful city to live. Well, I’m not sure, but at least this is what our law enforcement agencies and political parties claimed.

From the killing of 20 people daily to one or none, almost zero extortion rate with the total cleansing of kidnapping for ransom, one must admit that Karachi has witnessed a massive transformation in terms of its circumstances and the importance of a human life.

As of now, there are no more unforeseen strikes now, neither the uncertainty once it had from the political parties. Thanks to MQM and PPP whom bloody imprints are more embarked on this city than their development politics.

Also, there is no more concept of Aman Comittee Lyari, backed by the PPP govt at once and ethnic violence, which furiously changed the fate of this city.

But does overcoming all the above scenarios guarantees the peacefulness of a city? Are these factors enough for a city to call it peaceful? Or are we missing any anecdote that ensure the peacefulness of a city?

A peaceful city?

A peaceful city is one in which its people walk out in the streets without any fear of life and money.

Defining this clause, one can easily estimate that years after the start of the mighty Karachi operation, the city still doesn’t fit at this condition. Because the very first thing that comes to our mind is the uncertainty that rules our heart and mind, when walking out in the streets of Karachi. Which is, the fear of snatching, mugging and getting robbed which no one could put aside.

From star studded personalities like Shahid Afridi to an ordinary person, the majority of the people of this had tasted the incident of mugging/snatching in the face of street crimes with themselves, sacrificing their lives even.

The another side of these incidents, which neither the government nor the law enforcement agencies caring about is the massive number of lives that has been gunned down by the snatchers. Recently, the wife of one of the professor at N.E.D University has been killed in a mugging attempt at Maskan Chowrangi, Gulshan e Iqbal.

Not sure why the security agencies and political parties that took active part in demolishing the terrorism network through the Karachi Operation, not prioritizing this issue or ignoring this debacle.

After all, this is the same city where Sindh Rangers with the support of government carried out an operation on a massive scale to cut the roots of terrorism. Yet not so, to wipe out the ghost of street crimes from the streets of Karachi.

According to a recent survey, at least one person is killed everyday on average in Karachi, amidst street crimes.

Now the question arises, that the LEA’s and government who succeed to cut out the roots of terrorism, why failed to put a full stop to the unraveling street crimes in Karachi. As the same law enforcement agencies with full of potential exists today as they were in the past. Isn’t it all about prioritizing the issue?

The Remaining Tale of Terrorism

While the clouds of terrorism in Karachi have almost been shattered, yet one never forgets the killing of high profile personalities in the recent span.

With the claims of terrorism almost been wiped off, it seems that terrorists are actually on a break. They can still operate in a free environment like no other. And what else could be the evidence than the killing of one of the most influential leader of MQM-P Syed Ali Raza Abidi, who shot dead on the eve of 25th December, 2018. Surprisingly, that too in Defence Phase 5, which considered to be one of the safest area in Karachi.

And the target killers of him are yet to be arrested…. Period!

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A Question to our LEA’s and Govt…

I don’t know what is the actual definition of peace near our Law Enforcement Agencies and Government — but to me, its all about walking out of your home without the fear of losing your life and money which we [the people of Karachi] can’t.

Every time on news channels, there is a special space for the headlines regarding the street crimes in Karachi — yet no measures have been taken by the Government and Security Agencies to put an end to it.

Its hard to imagine, that to get rid from the likes of Uzair Baloch and Altaf Hussain was possible, but to put a bar on the ever-increasing street crimes seems impossible.

Fact of the matter is, Karachi may have become a city with less terrorism, but its still not a peaceful city, as the people of it can’t go out on the streets without fear. Also, the terrorist can act with barbarism whenever they want without any hindrance. So to claim that Karachi has became a peaceful city by eliminating terrorism but not street crimes, one can only lives in fools paradise.


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