Today marks the 50th republic day of a state, who once remained part of a country that was destined to exist till the end of the world. In the line of its founder “There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”.

Bangladesh came into being in 1971 after a brutal war that killed three million people approximately.

Written off as ‘Basket Case’ by then U.S National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and faced severe difficulties in the early stages; the country faced flash floods, torrential rains, famines, and frequent military coups in order that it had 80 percent people living below the line of poverty.

The point to ponder is Bangladesh’s journey from a basket case to one of the emerging economies of the current world. Bangladesh turns 50 this year and the voyage that begins as a ‘Basket Case’ now transforming itself to become a developed country by the year 2041.

As we speak, the economy of Bangladesh has grown more than 7 percent annually and per capita GDP has more than quadrupled since 2000. The country’s main staple which is the production of rice has also trebled and the extreme poverty rate deflated to a little over 10 percent.

All may not be going well in Bangladesh as this fact also remain strident as well, that the state is contracting several voices of democracy and curbing the freedom of expression of many state-critic journalists. Amidst all these factors, the exemplary journey of Bangladesh from ashes to the economic state sounds really exceptional.

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