Since the PTI government has announced to replace the name of the nation’s largest poverty eradication program commonly known as Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a wave of protest has been emerged largely from the Pakistan People’s Party whom in their govt formally initiated this program.

While the Co-Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto has termed this move of govt as the conspiracy against the PPP, and predicted that PTI will curtail its funds and then eventually shut down the program, the former opposition leader Khursheed Shah warned PTI of a severe public reaction.

About all of which the fuss is creating, the Benazir income Support Program is a federal unconditional poverty reduction program, launched in 2008 by then PPP Government.

Since then, no matter who ran the country, the BISP remained still and continue till today.

In a past few days, PTI govt raised concerned over the name of this program aiming it to replace with any other name. And I personally feel why don’t they?

The BISP program is solely funded by the Federal Govt and Department Of International Development Of United Kingdom (back-bone of this program). Not a single penny had been allocated for it by PPP or bhutto family, so the PPP leaders don’t need to yield over it.

This BISP program is fully dependent on the allocation of the federal budget, so it is the authority of federal govt to make any amendments with this program. The PPP leaders are making a mountain out of molehill only!




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